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Andrew Beebe
"Benoit is a straightforward professional. Looking for lighting advice in what feels like a simply field is just not as easy as you might think. Benoit makes it easy. He's clear, honest and detailed. He understands homeowner needs while also being clear onwhere technology (specifically LEDs) is headed. A great value from a great guy."



Ann Poletti
"Benoit conducted an in-home energy assessment and has helped me understand how my home consumes electricity vs gas. Before arriving, Benoit analyzed the PG&E bill and so we started by walking through that and seeing what driving usage vs costs. The good news is that the appliances thankfully are all very efficient and that the home radiant heating system uses gas which is much cheaper than electricity. The main culprits driving the PG&E bill higher were the many light bulbs. Following this visit, he sent a written report and recommendations, most of whichI have now been implemented. We replaced most of them with high-end Phillips LED bulbs which come with a 5-yr guarantee. (YoY electricity bill down about 30%!) We installed Nest just this past month. (Results TBD but we expect similar savings.) Not only did Benoit explain things to me but he worked with my plumbers who wanted to understand more about Nest and how it works with radiant heating. He checked in a few times after we installed the bulbs and Nest and analyzed the Dec bill to make sure everything was tracking. Superb service and a charming professional, I highly recommend Benoit Delaveau’s work."



Howard Hartenbaum
"I knew I wanted to do a home energy audit and switch to LED lighting, but I was having trouble figuring out which types of bulbs and lamps would be best for my lifestyle. Benoit was very professional, helping me understand my family's needs, sampling illumination and calculating which lamps/rooms made financial ROI sense to make the switch. He brought a wide variety of bulbs to allow me to determine which ones worked the best for me. His technical review of my usage enabled me to decide what to do first and I implemented his recommendations. I especially liked getting the final report, which helped me prioritize my energy saving measures and understand the energy strengths and weaknesses of my home. I am completely happy with the results and would recommend his services to anyone."



Doug Silverstein
"Benoit's home energy assessment delivered on its promise. After that, I knew my energy usage by item within each room. I was then able to make immediate adjustments -- a) switch all bulbs to florescent and LED which Benoit helped me pick the best lamps to meet the needs/use of my kitchen and family room, b) to use remote controlled power strips for entertainment unit and office, and c) get rid of printers that were on but never used. And my investments are paying off; my electric bills are lower. Thanks Benoit."



Anjai "AJ" Gandhi
"Benoit provided great value in an in-home consultation to improve energy efficiency. He first educated us on gas/electric rates and then provided a thorough inspection of our house and then provided a very detailed (down to specific light bulbs and appliances) verbal and written report about ways to improve energy efficiency. I implemented most of his recommendations and reduced my electricity bill from $337 in January 2012 vs. $142 in January 2013. Wish I had hired him years ago. Btw, he's also a super personable guy with a great French accent. He's been helpful in handling my follow up questions as well."