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Energy Audits: Residential

residential - house


Step 1: Free Online Assessment



Log in into your myPG&E website using the "My Energy". Direct access to PG&E, click here

Download your info

Click on "My usage", find the Green Button logo, download the .csv files (default settings).

Send us your info

On your computer, find the folder "Billingdata". Click here to send us these two secured files.

Step 2: Home Energy Audit


Your energy use history

Our experts use the latest software/hardware to analyze your energy use. The results are discussed at the start.



Full house inventory

All the electric and gas powered appliances are surveyed during the audit. Their settings and proper use is checked.



Safety checks

The gas main line is checked for micro-leaks. Gas powered appliances are tested for CO (Carbon monoxide) emissions.


Step 3: Energy Efficiency Report


Lights cost/upgrade

Your energy efficiency reportincludes a personalized LED lightbulbs effectiveness study.You can now take a decision.



Heating cost/upgrade

Typically 50% of your costs go to heating/cooling your space. Your energy efficiency report studies what you can do.



Home energy improvements

New windows? insulation? Go solar? Your energy efficiency report studies the Return on Investment of all these options.