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Energy Audits: Commercial

commercial - multi-units


Step 1: Your EPA Benchmark

Commercial buildings, restaurants, repair shops...

San Francisco SF Environment mandates all commercial buildings to use the federal EPA online took Energy Star PortfolioManager and benchmark the energy use. You grant us access to your data, and we will write a personalized energy audit proposal within 24h. Click here to contact us or call (650) 288-6653.

Your free audit estimate

We can email your free estimate within 24h. We just need the building mailing adress, its size (sq ft) and main use (office/store...). We guarantee the lowest price for ASHRAE energy audits in San Francisco / Bay area.


Step 2: ASHRAE Energy Unit

Commercial buildings, restaurants, repair shops...

A commercial building ASHRAE level 1 or level 2 energy audit often involves several on-site visits to ensure the entire electricity and natural gas powered systems are surveyed. The city of San Francisco "Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance" requires all tenant spaces to be checked independently from each other.

Your on-site audit is done

We’ll work on the 10-18 pages report, making clear which device/use is costing the most, and recommend practical “No Cost” energy saving measures to save energy in your place, based on behavioral best practices.


Step 3: Conservation Plan

Personal Energy Conservation Plan

A commercial building ASHRAE level 1 or level 2 energy audit includes feasibility studies for energy saving improvements such as wall/ceiling insulation, HVAC optimization, on-site solar/wind electricity generation, as well as tariffs and alternative energy supply sources to reduce energy costs of a building.

Your are in compliance

Your building is compliant with the city of SF ordinance and you have the key technical and financial elements in hand from a professional / independent source. You can move forward.